Our previous games list:

Grow Me A Beard: A flash game where you need to grow the best beard possible before you get married and can never grow a beard again.
Ah! My Eyes!
: A flash game about trying to save your eyes after you spill chemicals on them in a lab. Takes about 5 minutes to play through all 6 endings.
Beer Guzzler: A flash game about drinking more beer than the next guy
: A flash game on about shooting hordes of poorly drawn zombies
 (known as FLAP)
Also, some projects which shall remain forever nameless


Our current projects:

Safety In Numbers (Kickstarter here: This is a reverse tower defense game where the goal is to slow, but not stop, the flow into your city.
Myrddin Tales: Episode One (Being illustrated by the wonderfully talented Catherine Birkelo) currently on hold

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